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Halsted Health is recognized for developing innovative, premium quality medical products specializing in infection control, urology and anesthesia.

The guiding philosophy of the company is patient care.  All our products are designed with patient safety and ease of use in mind.

With our expertise and diverse portfolio, we partner with medical device companies worldwide to provide best in class products and reduce costs.


At Halsted Health, our unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare is evident in our role as pioneers in the development of innovative, premium-quality medical products. Specializing in infection control, urology, and cold/hot therapies, we proudly showcase our expertise through our own esteemed brands, Cleanse      and

Halsted Health    .

Our Commitment to Patient Care:

Guided by a philosophy centered on patient care, every product in our extensive portfolio is meticulously designed and manufactured with a primary focus on ensuring patient safety and ease of use. Recognizing the critical nature of the healthcare landscape, our manufacturing facilities are not only FDA registered but also hold ISO certification, underscoring our dedication to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Decades of Expertise:

With over two decades of experience, Halsted Health stands at the forefront of medical product manufacturing. Our seasoned team leverages a wealth of knowledge to deliver best-in-class products while optimizing costs—a testament to our commitment to making quality healthcare accessible.

Diverse Portfolio:

Our diverse portfolio spans infection control, urological solutions, and cutting-edge cold/hot therapies. Each product reflects our passion for innovation and our pledge to address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Strategic Partnerships:

Halsted Health is proud to be a trusted partner with renowned medical device manufacturers, collaborating seamlessly to source and produce OEM projects of the highest standard. Simultaneously, our network of distributors extends the reach of our branded products, ensuring they are readily available to healthcare providers and institutions globally.

Seamless Purchasing Experience:

To access our comprehensive range of medical products, including those under our Cleanse and Halsted Health brands, visit our product pages on leading e-commerce platforms. We believe in providing a seamless purchasing experience, making it convenient for our valued customers to acquire the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care.

Halsted Health—a name synonymous with excellence, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare solutions.

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