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Cleanse Shampoo And Conditioning Cap

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  •  FINEST QUALITY RINSE FREE CAP for Shampoo and Conditioning. This is the big 5-pack that lets you thoroughly wash hair without ever rinsing or getting into the shower. You are completely done in around 3 minutes. Perfect for travel, oversleeping, or a quick wash before your fun night out. Far superior to traditional wash.

  • SPECIAL FOR LONG, THICK HAIR We use an exclusive advanced formulation that works for all hair, but especially for thick and long hair. If you're tired of waiting for your hair to dry, this is the ultimate no-water solution that pampers your hair and scalp and is completely non-allergenic. Get this for added convenience that removes the stress from your day.

  • SOOTHING CHAMOMILE, Vitamins E and B5, softening Aloe Vera, with pH balance. This natural blend is great for your system with no lanolin, alcohol, or latex found in other brands. This won't irritate skin or cause breakouts. Will not dry or damage your hair. It's lightly scented similar to your favorite shampoo/conditioner. Your hair feels so nice and full of life after a rinse free shampoo.

  •  GREAT FOR SENIORS, RECOVERY, CARETAKERS who need an easier, more convenient way to shampoo and condition hair without having to get into shower, tub, or stand over sink. These caps are fully microwavable so you get a very comfortable warm wash. Essential for individuals with mobility challenges or who are confined to bed. A favorite for camping and hunting trips.

  •  NICE GIFT IDEA for anyone who wants a smarter way to clean hair. Just right for birthday, holiday, or Christmas. Many people are stocking up with several 5-packs to share with everyone in the family. Get yours now while we have this very popular improved product in plentiful supply. It's selling fast.

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