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99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol

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  • HIGH PURITY CLEANER: These contain 99.9% of Isopropyl Alcohol to effectively clean electronics, equipment, keyboards, plastics, seals, ceramics and printed circuit board components. Anhydrous solvent helps to remove water and humidity from components leaving them dry.

  •  STRONG & DURABLE: The smart fabric construction is heartier and stronger than others. Great for delicate wiping or harder scrubbing. 99.9% Isopropyl alcohol gives you far greater cleaning power. Lint Free, Non-Abrasive, No Water Residue, Cleanse.

  • EASY & CONVIENENT: Come in handy travel or carry on size pouches. The high purity pre-saturated wipe can help to safely and effectively removes most oxides, inks, dirt, dust, stain, oil, grease paste compound and adhesive residue.

  •  SIZE: Each wipe is Extra Large, 6” length x 5” width. There is 1 wipe per pouch. Comes with 50 wipes per pack.

  •  USE: For industrial / general purpose use only. Not for medical applications.

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