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Cold / Hot Therapy Gloves

  • GET INSTANT RELIEF for your sore, aching hands. Wearing these soft, very comfortable gloves gives you the hot or cold therapy you need to feel better and come back strong. Your order comes with lots of extras that make this the finest value on Amazon. Comfortable, durable, reusable. Comes in sizes Small / Medium and Large.

  • GOES TO WORK FASTER to give you soothing pain relief. The 2 gel packs in each glove help relieve arthritis, chemo, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy. This is essential for anyone with swollen or inflamed hands and for people whose work causes stress on their hands.

  • DUAL LAYER THERAPY with gel packs for both sides of your hand. The gel packs are specially designed to cover more surface area of your hand to make sure you get the relief you deserve. The gloves fabric is designed to be comfortably worn while efficiently conducting cold / heat therapy.

  • ADVANCED GEL FORMULA allows the gel to get cold quicker and stay cold longer. Can also keep hot for longer. The generous amount of gel in each gel pack ensures quicker relief.

  • COMPLIMENTARY EXTRAS are included in your order. You get a travel size zip bag to store the gloves and gel packs. Perfect for travel or taking your gloves to work. Please see listing photos for the SIZE CHART. This is the quick, natural way to make your hands feel better without the use of harsh, expensive pharmaceuticals that can sometimes be habit forming. No wonder this is the simple therapy many doctors recommend.

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