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Cold / Hot Therapy Gloves -  Comprehensive Relief For Aching Hands

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Our Cold/Hot Therapy Gloves are designed to provide instant relief for sore, aching hands. Crafted with soft and exceptionally comfortable materials, these gloves offer the hot or cold therapy you need to feel better and regain strength. With a commitment to value, your order includes various extras, making this the finest choice on Amazon. These gloves are not only comfortable but also durable and reusable, available in sizes Small/Medium and Large.


Experience soothing pain relief that works quickly. Each glove contains 2 gel packs strategically placed to address arthritis, chemo-related discomfort, carpal tunnel syndrome, and neuropathy. Essential for individuals with swollen or inflamed hands or those whose work places stress on their hands, these gloves offer targeted relief.


Our Cold/Hot Therapy Gloves feature a dual-layer therapy design, with gel packs positioned on both sides of your hand. The specially designed gel packs cover a larger surface area, ensuring comprehensive relief. The fabric of the gloves is crafted for optimal comfort during cold or heat therapy, allowing you to wear them comfortably while efficiently conducting therapeutic treatment.


Benefit from an advanced gel formula that accelerates the cooling process and prolongs the duration of cold therapy. The gel packs can also retain heat for extended periods. With a generous amount of gel in each pack, you are assured of quicker relief and effective temperature management.


Your order includes valuable extras to enhance convenience. A travel-size zip bag is provided for storing the gloves and gel packs, making it ideal for travel or taking the gloves to work. Refer to the listing photos for the SIZE CHART to ensure the perfect fit. This quick and natural way to alleviate hand discomfort without harsh pharmaceuticals is often recommended by doctors, making it a simple yet effective therapy.

In summary, our Cold/Hot Therapy Gloves offer a holistic approach to hand relief, combining comfort, durability, and versatility. Whether you seek relief from everyday discomfort or specific conditions, these gloves are a valuable tool in promoting hand well-being.

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