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OR Towels - Elevating Surgical Environments 



  • Highly Absorbent: Our OR towels are designed with exceptional absorbency, ensuring efficient moisture control during surgical procedures. Their advanced absorption capabilities contribute to a dry and sterile operating environment, supporting optimal surgical conditions.

  • Soft and Durable: Crafted with a focus on both comfort and durability, our OR towels are exceptionally soft against the skin while maintaining robustness. This dual characteristic ensures not only a gentle touch but also enduring performance through the rigors of surgical use.

  • Pre-washed, De-linted: To meet the highest hygiene standards, our OR towels undergo thorough pre-washing and de-linting processes. This meticulous preparation minimizes the risk of lint contamination in the surgical field, contributing to a sterile and safe environment.

  • Cotton: Manufactured from premium-quality cotton, our OR towels prioritize natural materials known for their breathability and softness. This choice enhances the overall patient experience while adhering to stringent standards for medical textiles.

  • Latex-Free: In consideration of various patient sensitivities and allergies, our OR towels are crafted to be entirely latex-free. This feature ensures that the towels are suitable for a broad range of patients, promoting inclusivity in medical care.

  • Available in Sterile and Non-Sterile: To accommodate diverse surgical needs, our OR towels are offered in both sterile and non-sterile variants. The sterile option undergoes rigorous sterilization processes, meeting the highest standards for aseptic surgical environments. Meanwhile, the non-sterile option is suitable for various medical applications that do not require sterile conditions.


​In summary, our OR towels stand as a testament to our commitment to quality, patient comfort, and the stringent demands of the medical field. Whether in a sterile or non-sterile setting, our towels deliver the necessary features to support successful and comfortable surgical procedures.


   Description            Size                   Packaging

OR Towel, Blue       16" x 25"           200 ea / case

OR Towel, Blue       16" x 25"           400 ea / case



Description            Size                   Packaging

OR Towel, Blue        16" x 25"          2 / pk, 40 pks /case

OR Towel, Blue        16" x 25"          4 / pk, 20 pks /case  

OR Towel, Blue        16" x 25"          6 / pk, 12 pks /case   

OR Towel, Blue        16" x 25"          8 / pk, 10 pks /case   

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