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Multi - Use Gel Pack

  • FAST EFFECTIVE RELIEF from pain, swelling, bruises, and surgery. This dual purpose Cold and Hot pack works wonders to give you exactly the comforting temperature you need for nearly instant relief. Microwavable or place in the freezer. Reusable again and again. Flexible fabric construction conforms to your body for a more effective fit.

  • EXTRA GEL & 2 COMPRESSION STRAPS make this the most effective cold/hot pack available. It has more gel to stay hot or cold far longer. You get additional healing and comfort while you relax, watch TV, or talk with friends. The 2 Compression Straps provide a firm fit to hold the pack in place. It's adjustable for ideal results.

  • LARGE 10" x 14" SIZE is perfect for larger areas like back, shoulders, legs, and all kinds of therapy. Great for soothing painful cramps or warming up on a cold day. This is the extra care you need after a long day, demanding workout, or when recovering from an injury.

  • INCLUDES TRAVEL BAG to store or transport your cold/hot pack and compression straps everywhere. Take to work to make your day more comfortable. Use at the gym to help warm up and cool down. Great for sports to soothe tired, sore muscles, tendons, and tissues.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEA for anyone who suffers from sore back, neck, shoulders or other area. This complete kit makes a loving birthday or holiday present for men, women, and teens. Get yours while we have this great value in plentiful supply. It's selling fast after being recommended by trainers, health professionals, and therapists.

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