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Deluxe Urinary Bag

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  • STRONGER, DURABLE MATERIAL: The 5-pack, deluxe, 2,000ml urinary drainage bags consists of a drainage bag body, 48'' flexible and kink-resistant drainage tube, conical joint, tube clip, sheet clip, drain switch, hook and hanging rope and joint protective cap. Specially designed for anti-reflux, to contain odor and leak resistance. 

  • EASE OF USE: Easy to read, clear markings on the bag to see urinary output. Bags can easily be fitted on a bedrail, wheelchair, or bedsheet for better comfort. The sample port is easily accessible and allows for convenient urine sample collection. 

  • COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Receive a 5% discount when you purchase other complementary Halsted Health urology products; silicone male external catheters and / or 1,000 ml leg bags. See the links above or in the listing photos.

  • APPLICATIONS: Deluxe sizing of 2,000ml allows for longer use and savings on having to switch bags out more often. Can be used in various settings by non-ambulatory patients, urinary incontinent people, coma patients, those who require incontinence when asleep and hospitalized patients.

  • MATERIAL AND PACKAGING: Each bag is sterilized and comes in an individually packed pouch. There are 5 bags per pack. Do not use if the pouch is open or damaged. Please discard after each use. The bags are made of premium quality, medical grade vinyl for a stronger and more durable product.

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