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Deluxe Urinary Bag - A Solution In Strength And Convenience

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Our deluxe 5-pack of 2,000ml urinary drainage bags is crafted from a robust and enduring combination of materials. Comprising a drainage bag body, a 48'' flexible and kink-resistant drainage tube, a conical joint, tube clip, sheet clip, drain switch, hook and hanging rope, and joint protective cap, each component is meticulously designed for durability and functionality. Specifically engineered with anti-reflux properties, our bags excel in containing odors and resisting leaks.


Designed with user convenience in mind, the bags feature clear and easy-to-read markings, enabling straightforward monitoring of urinary output. Versatility is key – the bags effortlessly attach to bedrails, wheelchairs, or bedsheets, enhancing overall patient comfort. The accessible sample port facilitates hassle-free urine sample collection, further streamlining the user experience.


As part of our commitment to comprehensive urology solutions, we offer a 5% discount on the purchase of complementary Halsted Health urology products. Explore our silicone male external catheters and/or 1,000ml leg bags, accessible through the provided links to complement your urinary drainage needs.


The deluxe sizing of 2,000ml caters to extended usage, minimizing the need for frequent bag changes and offering cost savings. Ideal for various settings, our urinary drainage bags find application among non-ambulatory patients, those with urinary incontinence, individuals in a coma, those requiring nighttime incontinence support, and hospitalized patients.


Prioritizing hygiene and safety, each bag undergoes sterilization and is individually packed in a sealed pouch. With 5 bags per pack, our commitment to quality extends to the packaging. Made from premium medical-grade vinyl, our bags ensure strength and durability, setting a standard for reliability in urological care. Please refrain from use if the pouch is open or damaged, and discard the bag after each use for optimal patient care.

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