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Leg Bag

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  • SOFTER AND DURABLE MATERIAL: The back of the product is made of non-woven fabric for better feeling and comfort when wearing. The front of the bags are made of premium quality, medical grade vinyl for a stronger and more durable product.  Each bag is non-sterile and comes in an individually packed pouch. There are 3 bags per pack. Do not use it if the pouch is open or damaged. Please discard after each use. 

  • DISCREET AND LARGER CAPACITY: Designed to be discreet and for outdoor, daytime use. Can be worn with most clothing.  The non-woven fabric backing allows for a longer, more comfortable experience. The leg bag has 1,000ml capacity compared to other smaller capacity leg bags.  Allowing for longer use and less changes.

  • EASE OF USE: Easy to read, clear markings on the bag to see urinary output. Bags are placed on the leg. First attach the leg bag to the catheter, then securely fasten the flexible straps at the top and bottom of the bags to your leg.  The anti-reflux valve prevents urine backflow.

  • COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS: Receive a 5% discount when you purchase other complementary Halsted Health urology products; silicone male external catheters and / or 2,000 ml deluxe, urinary bags. See the links above or in the listing photos. 

  • APPLICATIONS: Larger sizing of 1,000ml allows for longer use and savings on having to switch bags out more often. Can be used in various settings by non-ambulatory patients and urinary incontinent people.

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