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Leg Bag - Enhanced Comfort And Discretion

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Experience unparalleled comfort with our innovative leg bag, designed with the user in mind. The back of the product is crafted from non-woven fabric, providing a soft and comfortable feel during wear. The front of the bags boasts premium quality, medical-grade vinyl, ensuring not only a stronger but also a more durable product. Each bag is non-sterile and individually packed in a sealed pouch, with 3 bags per pack. Please exercise caution and avoid use if the pouch is open or damaged, discarding the bag after each use for hygiene and safety.


Tailored for outdoor, daytime use, our leg bag is discreetly designed to be worn with most clothing, offering a seamless and inconspicuous experience. The non-woven fabric backing enhances overall comfort, ensuring an extended and discreet wear. With a generous 1,000ml capacity, our leg bag outperforms smaller alternatives, allowing for longer usage and fewer changes.


Effortlessly manage urinary output with our leg bag, featuring clear and easy-to-read markings. The bags are positioned on the leg, requiring a simple attachment to the catheter. Securely fasten the flexible straps at the top and bottom to ensure a snug fit. The anti-reflux valve included in the design prevents urine backflow, promoting user confidence and ease of use.


As part of our commitment to comprehensive urology solutions, enjoy a 5% discount on the purchase of other complementary Halsted Health urology products. Explore our silicone male external catheters and/or 2,000ml deluxe urinary bags, accessible through the provided links to enhance your urological care experience.


With a larger sizing of 1,000ml, our leg bag caters to extended usage, offering cost savings and reducing the frequency of bag changes. Ideal for various settings, this leg bag is suitable for non-ambulatory patients and individuals with urinary incontinence, ensuring comfort, discretion, and enhanced quality of life.

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